A Great Self-Organization

Let me convince you why you actually need a curriculum vita well first off it has a great ability to just help you organize yourself you see what you have done you can talk to professor’s and others about what needs to be there so again you use for site instead of hindsight it helps you plan your career path you may have some career chosen that you really want to do but I recommend everybody have a plan a and a plan B and then plan in parallel you know if you do plan a fantastic if you decide to do plan B you’ve planned for that one as well or maybe you’re going to do B now and a later whatever so it helps you plan when you ask somebody to help you write your personal statement or to advise you you give them that and they see the best way for you to yourself with what you’ve done you also give this CV to whoever you’re asking for a letter of recommendation because I can always write a better letter if I know even more about the student. See more articles and essays on cv at Robotdon.

I may say they took my class and this is how they did but in speaking to philip knowing that he’s doing x y and z IC q r and s i can write a better letter and because you’re going to need this document for the rest of your life you’re going to add to it constantly and this is a document you will keep for the rest of your life so this is a website undergrad advising calm that i put up a few years ago it has three credit categories undergraduate advice pre-health advice and pre grant advice this is what it looks like and if you go here under undergraduate advice advice for everyone you’re going to see that there’s a video up there right in the middle on how to convert a resume to a curriculum vita and right below that it says dwell o hybrid cv template it’s a word document you can download it you can erase what i have written input your information in and you will have good formatting.

I use this particular format because it’s what faculty use at my university i like students to do it as if they were a faculty member because then when somebody looks at that they go my sophisticated way ahead of the game just because i’m on this page you can see at the bottom to that i have the all-important elevator speech and i’m going to jump in with that for just a minute here so what you see what is the elevator speech so say you’ve gotten to go to a great conference and you’re at the conference center or you’re all staying at the hotel and everyone’s waiting in front of the elevator and someone looks at your name tag ends as though I’m see you or you know at the University of Wisconsin this is a research conference what do you do now if you haven’t thought this and you don’t have something clear and concise to say you may stutter and stammer.