British Virgin Islands Sailing Charter – 10 Reasons to Sail Tortola

With the Caribbean’s aquamarine sea, white sand beaches and beautiful weather, a British Virgin Islands sailing charter is an unforgettable Caribbean vacation. The British Virgin Islands are conveniently located about sixty miles east of Puerto Rico, and the volcanic island of Tortola is the largest of the chain. Ten reasons that Tortola is an ideal location for a sailing charter are as follows:

The sailing conditions around Tortola are idyllic. The weather is consistently sunny, warm and breezy making for an ideal sailing experience. The waters are calm around Tortola because of the islands’ close proximity, and there are protected bays for yachts and boaters. It is the perfect spot for spectacular boating.

The scenery in and around Tortola is breathtaking. Tortola is only about 21 square miles, and the dramatic green mountains surrounding yacht-filled harbors are a spectacular sight. The water of the Caribbean Sea surrounding the island is an extraordinary blue-green, and it is clear and serene.

The palm-shaded, white sand beaches are world renowned on Tortola. There are many choices of beaches to visit while on a British Virgin Island sailing charter. Some Tortola beaches feature beach shops and restaurants and lots of activity to enjoy. Others are private and tranquil allowing one to appreciate the beauty of powdery white sand, crystal clear waters and natural surroundings that make it a tropical paradise.

The British Virgin Islands are known for world-class scuba diving and snorkeling. It has been called one of the best diving destinations in the world. There are excellent dive spots around Tortola allowing exploration of shipwrecks, coral reefs, and countless varieties of sea life. Local dive shops can accommodate divers of all skill levels.

There is fantastic fishing in the Caribbean off of Tortola. There is a massive amount of fish to be caught in the British Virgin Islands! Choose from deep sea fishing, fly fishing and shore fishing, all accessible from a chartered sailing vessel.

Docking and exploring ashore provides wonderful shopping opportunities. Explore off the boat onto the island of Tortola into villages offering fabulous local handcrafted fabrics and jewelry, art, crafts, jams, rum and soaps.

Many styles of dining are offered in Tortola. Local delicacies include lobster, conch, spices and rum. Available are seafood, steaks, and vegetarian dishes with a Caribbean flair in four star or casual atmospheres.

There are many outdoor activities to choose from on a British Virgin Islands sailing charter in Tortola. In addition to sailing, the day can be filled with swimming, diving, and water sports. Discover the island of Tortola on horseback or by hiking, observing centuries old ruins and lush tropical forests.

A British Virgin Islands sailing charter is a vacation of either relaxation or adventure. From one extreme of basking in the sun to the excitement of exploring an underwater cave, a sailing charter offers both types of vacationing depending on the style of the guest and what they want their vacation to be.

The people of Tortola are warm and welcoming. Its residents are pleasant and kind and appreciate your vacationing in their beautiful part of the world. Their hospitality will inspire you to come back to visit again and again.

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