Knowledge and Essay Content

Let’s talk about the essay let’s let’s quickly I’m going to spend two minutes reading this essay I would like all of you to read the essay and note down whatever you want to about the essay okay so just give me two minutes I am reading it please you do that as well yes has everybody read the essay okay so thanks before I write my essay nz give feedback to Chatsworth and I tell you on the points from this essay on how to construct an essay would you like to share any doubts any questions that are coming to your mind at this moment is there any doubt any problem at this stage from your own essay or from Ashford says it anything you would like to ask me yes there is any doubt so far anything you would like to ask.

So I am assuming there are no doubts let’s carry on so Chatsworth I think it is a fairly good job there it’s not a very bad job not not not bad per se there are the s some areas where improvements could be done and I will talk about those okay so there are a couple of doubts which I see let me just have a look at this they shall just come to this point next and I mean what were the confusions yeah what all things were you confused on see you got confused whether democracy is good or bad okay okay I’ll come to that Yogesh first tell me what are the different forms of governance yeah so you are saying the difference between democracies and other governments tell me what are the other forms of governance barýþ that is a good thing that you did I haven’t read your essay but I think that is the right way to go.

So Swedish for you and for Yogesh you and I guess maybe the rest of you are maybe not aware of this communism is not a form of governance guys so when we talk of communism the comparables are capitalism and socialism and these are not forms of governance these are economic forms these are forms of economy who as forms of governance as correctly pointed out by Swedish our monarchy oligarchy as well as democracy okay so communism is not a governance form it is a Economic Forum okay but let me first come to the governance forms okay so yeah guys I agree that you know if you had given examples like like Yogesh is saying like I guess even Aravind is saying that would have been a good idea if you had the knowledge if you had the content that is why initially when I started the session I talked about the importance of content had you had the examples I would have you know even loved the essay a lot but even if I look at this essay now in front of us it’s a fairly good essay with Rushworth has written it’s not bad he’s tried to distinguish on the basis of one population and to diversity of population in terms of democracy versus monarchy right so it’s not a very badass it’s a fairly decent essay for a first attempt so but let me talk about what else could have been done.